The Effect of Tobacco Products on Your Skin

Using tobacco products, such as smoking cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, has a drastic effect on your body.  Your lungs get clogged and covered in tar, your body becomes addicted to nicotine, you’re at a much greater risk of cancer, and your skin gets seriously damaged.  The effect of tobacco on your skin is easily the most visually dramatic because you can see it in the mirror.  Tobacco products are commonly filled with dangerous additives, but even all natural brands of tobacco products have a drastic effect on your body.  Some effects are gradual, others will seemingly pop up out of nowhere, but all of them are either caused or exacerbated by using tobacco products.  [Read more…]

Unexpected Ways to Get a Sunburn

We all know when you’re in the sun for extended periods of time, you should have some form of sunscreen or sunblock protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, but direct sunlight isn’t the only way you can get sun burnt.  There are a few different ways your skin can get burnt and damaged even if you’re not under direct sunlight.

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