Is a Clinical Trial Right for You?

surgical servicesWhen you consider a clinical trial, there are a few questions that you need to answer.  We have some what’s, why’s and how’s for you.

What is a clinical trial?    

Before a treatment can be accepted, it must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  According to the FDA, clinical trials (also known as clinical studies) are done to “test potential treatments in human volunteers to see whether they should be approved for wider use in the general population”.   A trial may involve medication, treatments or devices designed to aid a specific need.  The requirements, methods and length of trials vary upon each individual study.  For example, if you enter a trial that studies a skin condition, you may be asked to use a specific product while under the constant and monitored care of the designated supervisor.

How do clinical trials help?  Why should I participate?

Understanding the goal of clinical trials aids answering these questions.  Treatments cannot become available without undergoing a clinical trial.  Being a part of that process is not only rewarding, it can be life changing for you and others.   Clinical trials can be super opportunities to be a part of new developments and future medical advancements.  During the process, you generally get monitored health care at no cost so it’s a great way to stay on top of medical issues that you may be having.

What do clinical trials cost?

Good news.  Not only do most clinical trials cover all medical costs, free testing and regular check-ups , you often receive compensation for travel and time.

How do I find a clinical trial?

Triad Dermatology has a multitude of opportunities that may be right for you.  We add new studies throughout the year.    If you cannot find one that fits your needs today, be sure to bookmark our website, contact us via email, like our Facebook page and save our number so that you can stay informed and discover new openings.  You help us and we hope to help you!

Check here for a list of volunteers needed for our Clinical Trials as of March 16, 2015.


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