Fast, Easy BOTOX® Treatment

Triad Dermatology can remedy these problems through injections of botulinum toxin-or BOTOX®. Very thin amounts of BOTOX®  block nerve signals from the brain to the muscle. As a result, the muscle relaxes, easing wrinkles. Since the muscle can’t contract, lines gradually smooth out and no new wrinkles are created. Botox doesn’t affect the eyebrow muscles, so patients don’t lose their natural expression.

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What to Expect

The actual treatment takes just a few minutes with no downtime afterward. Patients see the effect in three to seven days. The effect gradually fades and muscle action returns in three to four months. With repeated treatments, the muscle may thin, producing longer-lasting results.

BOTOX® therapy may be combined with chemical peels, laser resurfacing and wrinkle fillers for optimal results. BOTOX® is less useful for smile lines around the mouth because the muscles in this area are needed for eating and talking. Price based on consultation.

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