Facial Spider Veins

Facial TreatmentDecrease Facial Telangiectasias (Broken Capillaries)

The appearance of little red veins on the nose, chin or cheeks is a normal part of aging.   Called telangiectasias, these spider veins can also result from pregnancy, childbirth, birth control pills, estrogen-replacement therapy, sun damage, rosacea and corticosteroids.   Although not usually a medical problem, spider veins can be aesthetically unattractive and difficult to conceal with makeup.

Laser treatments treat a variety of problems.

If you have multiple conditions you’d like resolved, Triad Dermatology’s multipurpose treatments may be right for you. Laser treatments can lessen wrinkles, redness and sunspots, plus relieve sun damage, dilated capillaries and rosacea – with no downtime.  While removing these unwanted effects of aging, laser treatments can also stimulate the production of new collagen, which lessens scars, shrinks dilated pores, tightens loose skin and gives your complexion a smooth, clear appearance.

Effective Laser Treatment

Triad Dermatology’s advanced laser technology can erase most spider veins. Our laser produces a beam of highly concentrated yellow-green light, which is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood. This light energy seals the vein shut so the blood can be reabsorbed into the body. Spider veins don’t serve any useful function and eliminating them will not affect circulation.

What to Expect

Laser treatments depend on the quantity, size and depth of the veins.   Most patients need between one and three 30-minutes sessions spaced 6 to 12 weeks apart. The entire procedure takes place in the outpatient setting, without the costs and risks of hospitalization, incisions or general anesthesia.

The laser treatment itself feels like numerous pinpricks. While most patients do not require anesthesia, topical numbing agents are available. Immediate after-effects may include minor bruising, redness, light crusting or tenderness, all of which disappear in a short time. Spots and broken capillaries will start to fade within a week. Most people experience no side effects, though a few exhibit short-term local reddening of the surrounding skin.

  • Partial Facial Treatment Package (3 Treatments)
  • Full Facial Treatment Package (3 Treatments)

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