eyebrowsWaxing is a very simple procedure of applying warm wax to cleansed skin. A cloth strip is applied to the wax and then released off the skin taking the wax and unwanted hair with it. Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also removes dry skin cells…results leave your skin feeling smooth. Note: for best results, the hair should be approximately ½ inch long on the legs and body, facial hair can be shorter.

  • Brow Wax or Tweeze (30 mins)
  • Lip Wax (15 mins)
  • Chin Wax (15 mins)
  • Full Face (including brows – 30 mins)
  • Chest (20 mins)
  • Bikini Wax (45 mins)
  • Half Leg Wax (45 mins)
  • Full Leg Wax (60 mins)
  • Underarm Wax (15 mins)
  • Nape of Neck (15 mins)
  • Back (45 mins)

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